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Around the Table: Community

I invite you all to join me around the table for today’s topic, community.

What do you think of when you hear community? What feelings does that inspire? To some, it is the
neighborhood they live in, to others it is an organization. To Carlie and I, and our friends, community is a family, the people you choose to spend your time with because you enjoy their friendship and support and the fun/joy they bring to our lives.

Our community spawned from a house church that we all attended while in college. On Sunday nights, we would gather together for worship, teaching, food drinks, and finish off the evening with hanging out on the porch or playing board games. The friendships we made during the Sunday night gatherings spilled over into our daily lives and we would often gather multiple times a week for meals, hanging out, movies, games, and in-depth conversations about the differences between orcs and Uruk-hai or other ridiculous trivia.

We thoroughly enjoy and highly recommend finding a community of friends to play games with on a
regular basis. Though you may think that tabletop games are silly and a waste of time, there is another level of friendship to be found when you work together to beat a game or you make fictional characters and write/tell a story with people you enjoy.

Sitting around a table playing games provides a unique opportunity to express yourself in manners not available in everyday life. With tabletop gaming, you and your community of friends are able to
experience the joy of founding cities, eradicating plagues, defeating evil wizards who’s name you are
not allowed to speak, growing the best farm, surviving haunted houses, and much, much more all the while you develop deep, meaningful connections with each other.

Whether you have been a gamer from birth or never rolled dice in your life, get out there, buy a new
board game, gather your friends, pour some drinks, and enjoy your community around the table.

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