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Green Onions Regrow?!

The title says it all! Green onions regrow! Who knew? Probably lots of you actually, but we did not! This is a small little post to share what we recently learned so you can do it too!

Brady and I often buy the packages of green onions from Walmart – we put them in a lot of things we eat. Brady does most of the cooking and he only uses the green part and then tossed the white ends into our compost bin.

WELL, about two weeks ago Brady noticed they were regrowing in our compost bin! CRAZY! So we decided to pull them out and plant them in our front flower bed. Now they are ready to be harvested again! We bought another pack last night and have planted those ends as well. (You can see those in the picture below…planted last night and already starting to grow)! Honestly, we probably won’t need to buy them again until winter and maybe not even then!

It is a random discovery, but if you like green onions you should try replanting the white ends and have yourself a little supply of green onions, at least for a time! It will help save a couple dollars!

Go and Be Happy!