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Hello 2018

It’s here.

2018. It came in like the wind. That saying really doesn’t work but it came and is already more than 10% over. How is that possible? So, that is my excuse – 2018 came like the wind and that is why I am just now getting this post written.

I recently posted my reflections of 2017 (read it here) and now it is time to look forward to this new year, that is already very much happening.

2018. Hopefully a year of growth.

That is the word that comes to mind when I look forward and think about my goals. I am coming into the year healthier and continually making progress to be a healthier me and many of my personal goals continue with that theme. It is something that has taken a back-burner in the past, but no more. Here are my 2018 goals – help hold me accountable! It would become far too long a post to explain each goal and no one would keep reading, so I may explain a few but not all (if you want more backstory then just comment and ask)! I am also going to asterisk(*) the goals that I think are great for anybody, any age, any stage in life, and should maybe be added to your list!

Personal: Misc.

  • *read my Bible more
  • *do more Bible studies
  • *take better care of my skin
    1. take my makeup off nightly
    2. wash my face more often
    3. use moisturisers
  • *wake up earlier/start my day earlier
  • *take “me time” before it all becomes too much (rather than waiting until after hitting that point)
    1. I struggle with not getting enough rebuilding time and I wear myself down and don’t do anything to combat this until it has already become too much.
  • *go to bed earlier (not just bed, but sleep)
  • read 60 books this year (read or listen)
  • finish Brady’s wedding gift…from a year ago…

Personal: Health

  • eat more, smaller meals, a day
  • *eat healthier
  • *drink more water
  • *do physical things seven days a week
    1. yoga
    2. walk/run
    3. workout videos
    4. random/created workouts
    5. SOMETHING, anything physical – get moving!
  • get stronger
  • *lower heart rate
  • get back to my more flexible self
  • get to where I can run at least one mile without stopping (three miles is even better)
  • take more vitamins
  • reach my Notes (<on my phone) WW goals/goal weight/& others (goal picture board)

Married Couple: (this one will like have more added)

  • *set aside time to just talk together with no distractions (no TV, no phones, no games, etc)
  • *don’t forget to date each other
  • save money
  • *travel together (we are a small, insignificant part of a much bigger world and I want to see and experience more of it)
  • have little escapes together
  • get more active as a couple (right now we are basically couch potatoes)

House Remodel:

  • sand/mud/paint the hall, living room, ceiling, kitchen
  • tear the floor out: living room, kitchen
  • finish master bedroom (sand, paint)


  • get a schedule and follow it – some spontaneity and not always exact is okay but have something set to work by
    1. create this schedule
  • YouTube more
  • Blog more
  • social media post more
  • do more craft shows than 2017 (10 is the number to beat)
  • find a new Etsy/print plan
    1. put that plan in motion
  • stream more (twitch)
  • get better at vlogging in public (find that inner confidence)
  • get all the backlogged vlogs finished (I have)!
  • get the backlogged ‘other’ videos finished
  • keep better business records
  • do the “behind-the-scenes” all year
    1. don’t leave all tax things for the beginning of 2019
    2. record when it comes in
    3. organise, organise, organise

New Year New Expectations

New Years come in with lots of expectations, goals, and, often, all of the feelings (whether you admit them or not). I feel a little bit of sadness leaving 2017 because it is the year I got married but it is exciting to look forward to our one year anniversary and then all of the anniversaries to come! I know this time of year can be hard if you have lost a loved one, it is something about the fresh start of a year to bring on the sadness of missing loved ones that are no longer with us. No matter how much time has passed. Others are leaving behind harder times and are grateful to reach the new year. And sometimes the years come and go and everything feels the same.

How are you coming into 2018? What are you excited about? Nervous about? Sad about? (I would really love to know)!

Let us toast farewell to 2017 and dance into 2018!

What is/are your New Year resolutions or goals? What are you going to be doing to make 2018 better and more successful than years past? If we aren’t striving with things to accomplish, people to meet, bucket lists to tick off, life to live, then what are we doing? I never want to become stagnant…is that even considered living? Or is it just existing, at that point? Maybe I am getting too deep. The media paints a New Year picture of parties, sparkles, and balloon numbers. All fun things! But what are you going to make out of 2018? How are you going to grow? I am well on my way to Tangent City, I struggle with all of the fake and the hate in the world and “soap-boxing” it won’t help! So, let’s bring it back!

No matter what 2018 means for you (sadness, excitement, love, anger, anxiety, joy, etc), make it count. Make it mean something and use it to grow and continue to make you a better person.

I look forward to hearing your 2018 goals, feelings, plans, etc!



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*Post originally posted on my other site,, but I am now separating my business site from the blog site, therefore I am moving the posts here. Feb 22, 2018*