Hobbiton Movie Tour
first view once you enter Hobbiton

Hobbiton Movie Tour

Hobbiton, The Shire, Middle-Earth Alexander Farm, Matamata, New Zealand *This post contains Hobbiton tour spoilers!*  This blog post is challenging for me to write. I am no wordsmith, and I…

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Hello 2018

It's here. 2018. It came in like the wind. That saying really doesn't work but it came and is already more than 10% over. How is that possible? So, that…

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A Life of Craft Fairs

Vendor Life This is probably not something that everyone is familiar with - I mean I wasn’t, not really, not before it became my life. I had been to a…

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Update from Us 1.0

Hi everyone! We are in the middle of a very busy time of year and it is very exciting. We want to give everyone an update on where life has…

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