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The London Life Update 2.0

The London Life Updates

Time is always passing and life keeps on happening and things change! Brady and I have been busy, lazy, stressed, tired, hangry, worn out, desperate, excited, anxious, ready, nervous, joyful, loving, sad, and hopeful, since we last gave an update!

Spoilers: Our garden is dead and I’m not pregnant.

If you want the way short, condensed version scroll until you see Way Shorter Condensed Version

It has been awhile, so here we go.

Brady and I have been feeling a lot of “when will we ever catch a break” – the roof leaks, the heater breaks, my car needs work, our non-supporting beam, in our living room, is falling down, the heater has more possible problems. All while trying to flip our house and not go into horrible debt. The house is still a work-in-progress, my car needs more work, and the heater, hopefully, doesn’t have any more issues BUT other than that, we have checked everything else off of that list! On a more sad note, we said goodbye to Brady’s Uncle Randy several months back. I loved hearing all kinds of stories about him, at the funeral, it really made me wish I had more time with him.

Adventures. Friends. Love. Travel.

On happier notes, Brady took me to my first hockey game AND it was a double date with his childhood best friend, Kendall, and his wife, Jess. I finally got to meet Kendall (he is real)! Brady and I are sappy-in-love and hate spending time apart. We are excited for our One Year Anniversary coming up in a few months! We booked tickets! $581 round trip, each person, tickets to…Ireland! We can’t wait! Traveling is very important to both of us – we want to see the world, experience different cultures. There is just so much more than us in this big world. Planning hasn’t begun (updated: it has now a week after first writing this post before publishing it) but tickets are bought and I will be posting about how I find such good flight deals in a separate post – so be watching for that. Also, our friend, Scott, will be marrying the love of his life, Zack, in Mexico! We, along with some of our best friends, will be going to Mexico this summer to celebrate them! More traveling! Celebrating friends and love! Again, we cannot wait! We loved our honeymoon, but using all of Brady’s vacation at once, early on in the year, was hard on us the rest of the year. We are excited to be spreading it out this year and to already have some things lined up. Vacation days make us excited (and make Brady worry about money).


Grandma & Grandpa Treat gave us some of Granddad Mac’s (I realise this is a long line of people and confusing – basically Brady’s Great-Grandfather’s) Purple Okra Seeds! It was so thoughtful and sweet! We are very excited to plant those – but also research so we do it properly and so we can learn how to collect the seeds to continue this line of plants! In general, we are ready to get our garden going again. We are definitely still amateur gardeners, learning the ropes, but sticking with it. I, personally, am really looking forward to buying and planting flowers (if you know me then you know my LOVE of flowers and plants)!

The Rest

This year, we aim to get the living room walls and ceiling and the hall finished. I, or we because Brady is included whether he wants to me or not, plan to do more craft fairs. Basically, we have goals for this year! We are navigating married life, which is its own rewarding adventure. We are not perfect but we try to always communicate, be forgiving, and be less selfish. And, for all of you friends and family who ask or want to know and don’t ask, we are waiting to have kids.

That pretty much sums up our little corner of the world. On an ending note, we would love to hear your “must see” places of Ireland!

B + C London

Way Shorter Condensed Version
  • when will we ever catch a break
  • leaky roof – fixed
  • heater – fixed
  • my car – partially fixed
  • house construction
  • flip house not going into debt
  • Uncle Randy passed
  • my first hockey game
  • met Kendall and Jess
  • anniversary soon
  • booked flights: Ireland
  • Scott & Zack getting married
  • friends go to Mexico
  • 30-year-old okra seeds
  • ready to amateur garden
  • I love plants and flowers
  • aim to finish more house
  • aim to do more craft fairs
  • waiting to have kids
  • we want your Ireland “must see” in the comments

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