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Update from Us 1.0

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Hi everyone!

We are in the middle of a very busy time of year and it is very exciting. We want to give everyone an update on where life has taken us so far.

Carlie J Design has opened a temporary shop with the BA Buzz Pop Up Shops in Broken Arrow. Carlie has done an amazing job decorating her little pop up shop and is working at the shop 5 days a week. That has limited our time for travel and such but we are excited for the opportunity to grow the business.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and what a joy it was to relax at home and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Carlie and I spent the day eating pizza and playing the Lord of the Rings card game while watching the extended editions of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers.

Over the last month, has been running a Kickstarter campaign for their new board game ROOT which is to be released next year. We are so pumped about this and decided to back the project. Hopefully, a review and play-through from Carlie and I  will be posted in the coming weeks. Leder Games provided a Print and Play version for backers to try the game while it is still in final development. We may try to record some of the game with our new camera!

Our whaaat??? NEW CAMERA!!!!!
That’s right. Carlie J Design has invested in a new camera to bring amazing vlogging and new content to our YouTube channel. Carlie has been dying to get a new camera and dive into vlogging more consistently. She watches her favorite vloggers from England all the time and has researched what camera they use the most. I think there is going to be a review of the camera coming up or something like that from Carlie so look for that as well.

Future of CJD blogging and vlogging –

Carlie and I would really like to do more of both. We are always looking for ways to improve the YouTube channel and the website/blog. If you have any suggestions or have any ideas for fun/interesting content or anything you would like us to cover, drop a comment or shoot us an email.
We realize that we are all over the place with our content and consistency. We are starting to figure out what it takes to hold a full-time job, operate a design company, go on adventures, blog, vlog, maintain friendships, spend time with family, and remodel our house, all while navigating the first year of marriage. Juggling all of that leads to, sometimes, dropping the ball on all of it or parts of it and we apologize for the chaos. We are taking life one step at a time, but it is an adventure.

Until next time!


*Post originally posted on my other site,, but I am now separating my business site from the blog site, therefore I am moving the posts here. Nov 29, 2017*